John ThomasTraffic Safety, Traffic Signals

Work zones are a complex maze of traffic control devices, equipment and changing travel paths.  It is complicated enough to safely control the traffic through a work zone when there is a temporary one-lane section of roadway, but when you add driveways and side streets into the mix, it can be even more challenging to avoid motorist confusion.

It is common to have low-volume access points like residential driveways, business entrances and side streets within the temporary one-lane section of work zone roadway with alternating traffic.  Each of these access points provides the risk of motorists misunderstanding the direction of traffic and entering the work zone in the wrong direction.  This can result in a collision with another vehicle traveling through the work zone.

JTI developed the Sentinel Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) to address and simplify this traffic control challenge. The Sentinel DAD is designed to alert drivers of the traffic direction before they enter a one-lane two-way road in temporary work zones from driveways or local streets. It helps eliminate driver confusion when entering one-lane alternating work zones and improves safety for motorists and workers.

The Sentinel DAD’s signal head consists of one 12” diameter Red circular LED indication with two 8” diameter red arrow LED indications mounted on each side. Directional signage can be attached to provide clear instructions to motorists. Multiple Sentinel DAD systems can be used within a work zone that are wirelessly interconnected and synchronized to optimize traffic flow.