John ThomasThe CUBE

Severe storms and other natural disasters can result in power outages and signal knockdowns that can cause dangerous traffic situations and backups when permanent traffic signals are not functioning. JTI designed the CUBE temporary traffic signal to enable first responders to quickly restore traffic control and safety. The CUBE temporary traffic signal features a 4-way signal head assembly and is designed to control an entire 4-way intersection. It can be towed to the intersection and setup in minutes – even by emergency EMS personnel.

The CUBE’s compact footprint enables it to be placed in the center of an intersection to control four-way traffic after a power outage, hurricane or other natural disaster. This compact and easy to deploy temporary traffic signal is specifically designed to enable first responders to quickly setup emergency traffic control to restore traffic safety and flow during emergencies.

Each CUBE trailer features a towable trailer, an easy-to-use Galaxy® Operating System, a self-contained power system and a 4-way CUBE signal head assembly. Municipalities, police departments and DOTs can BE READY for storms, power outages and natural disasters by adding the CUBE temporary traffic signal to their fleets. Rather than taking police officers off their beat to do traffic control during emergencies, they can focus on more critical tasks. For more information about the CUBE call 888.447.7263.