Designed To Withstand Repeated Impacts

JTI offers high-performance, SEVERE USE solutions that are designed to withstand repeated impacts and dramatically reduce the need for repeated repair or replacement. These products save time and money – and free your crew from having to repeatedly repair and replace attenuators, raised curbs and delineator posts at dangerous sites where there is high impact frequency.

The Difference Between Reusable And Severe Use

Many crash cushions promote that they are “reusable”, but these crash cushions must be re-set after each impact – and are out of service after an impact occurs. This means that if another motorist hits the hazard before it is repaired, you are left liable for an unprotected hazard. In contrast, the REACT 350 SEVERE USE crash cushion is not just reusable, it is self-restoring. After a design impact, the REACT 350 self-restores and regains up to 90% of its capacity to continue protecting the hazard. The REACT 350 can withstand multiple impacts, often without requiring repairs. This saves time, parts, effort and money – plus provides the optimal safety for motorists at dangerous sites.

  • REACT 350 Crash Cushions

    Redirective, Non-Gating – TL 1, 2 & 3

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  • Dura-Curb

    Severe-Use Raised Separator System

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