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Book Your REACT 350 Crash Cushion Rentals Now!

When planning for road maintenance and construction projects, renting temporary crash cushions can have a significant impact on your bottom line and simplify your life. The benefits of renting temporary crash cushions are significant:

  • No big upfront capital expenditure
  • The crash cushion is delivered to your site – right when you need it
  • The rental company (JTI) covers repairs/parts after impacts
  • No unpredictable repair costs – eliminate the guesswork
  • No need to worry about storing the crash cushions between projects
  • The crash cushion is picked up when the project is complete

John Thomas, Inc. (JTI) offers affordable RENTAL programs for REACT 350 self-restoring work zone crash cushions that include delivery to the site, service (when needed after impacts) and pickup when the project is complete. As a partner of ATTSA’s Toward Zero Deaths initiative, JTI’s number one focus is on saving lives by providing the highest performing crash cushions at an affordable fixed cost you can count on.

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