The SentinelTM


Family of Interchangeable Portable Traffic Signals

The Sentinel is a complete family of uniquely interchangeable portable traffic signal and intelligent traffic control products. Each system in the Sentinel line can be configured with various hardware and Galaxy® controller models for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • Portable Traffic Signal
  • Automated Flagger Assistance Device (AFAD)
  • Driveway Assistance Device (DAD)
  • Knockdown Replacement Pole
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signal
  • Headless Relay

Available Mount Options

The Sentinel’s innovative modular mast and universal mounting plates enable it to be mounted to a variety of bases for easy transport and movement within a work zone:

Towable Type 4 Trailer

Compact Wheeled Base

Concrete Barrier

Truck Bed

We’ve Got Your Back! Galaxy Remote Monitoring System

JTI’s optional Galaxy® Remote Monitoring System (RMS) enables you to proactively monitor your portable traffic signals in real-time using your phone, tablet or PC. The Galaxy RMS provides automatic text and email alerts should an issue arise. Our Galaxy RMS Plus service provides secure direct-to-controller access and enables JTI’s support team to work with you to resolve any issues like we’re right there.


JTI can configure a Sentinel system to fit your specific needs. Find out how this interchangeable portable traffic signal system can expand your fleet by offering the ultimate modularity.