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The Time Between Crash Cushion Impact And Repair

During the last 40 years, crash cushions have evolved from the early sacrificial models to systems that are repairable and resettable. Today, there are essentially four broad categories of crash cushions:

  1. Sacrificial – require replacement after impacts
  2. Repairable -require replacement cartridges/parts
  3. Resettable – reusable, but must be reset after every impact
  4. Self-Restoring – resusable and remain in service after design impacts

Numbers 1-3 above are all crash cushions that lose most or all their impact-absorbing capacity after design impacts. There is a dangerous “Window of Vulnerability” between the time of impact and the time of repair/reset. If there is a secondary impact when the crash cushion is out of service, it’s almost equivalent to having no crash cushion at all.

Self-restoring crash cushions help close the Window of Vulnerability, retain up to 100% of their capacity after design impacts, typically require no repairs to remain in service and provide uninterrupted hazard protection™.

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