John ThomasADDCO PTS-2000, Traffic Signals

When skies are gray and days are shorter in the winter, it’s more important than ever to squeeze every drop of energy from the sun to keep your portable traffic signal batteries charged. That’s why the ADDCO PTS-2000 portable traffic signal is engineered with the Solar Tilt and Rotate feature (STAR) feature.

The ADDCO PTS-2000 incorporates the STAR system to maximize the efficiency and run-time of the solar-powered portable traffic signal.  The automated two-stage STAR system is uniquely designed to tilt 40 degrees and rotate 360 degrees independent of the PTS to gain maximum sun exposure and achieve optimum solar recharge for the PTS batteries.

The STAR system increases solar array/recharge efficiency by over 100% during the winter months, or 25% increase on a yearly average.  In addition, the STAR system helps prevent snow and dust build-up on the solar panels to keep them clean for maximum output. Enhanced solar array and battery performance results in optimum PTS performance and less associated maintenance costs.

Many portable traffic signals only offer standard flat panel solar arrays. In contrast, the ADDCO PTS-2000 includes the STAR system to provide superior solar array output and prolonged PTS performance.