SentinelTM DAD

sentinel dad

Driveway Assistance Device

The Sentinel Driveway Assistance Device (DAD) is designed to alert drivers of the traffic direction before they enter a one-lane two-way road in temporary work zones from driveways or local streets. It helps eliminate driver confusion when entering work zones from a driveway or local street and improves safety for motorists and workers. The signal head consists of one 12” diameter Red circular LED indication with two 8” diameter red arrow LED indications mounted on each side. Directional signage can be attached to provide clear instructions to motorists.

The Easiest To Use DAD System Available

The Sentinel DAD system is the most user-friendly, moveable, and easiest to setup system of its kind! It is designed with a small footprint and can be easily moved using its ergonomic cart that is designed to move and swivel with minimal effort – on virtually any surface, including gravel. The system features a self-contained power supply with a rechargeable bank of batteries and a solar charging system. The wireless Galaxy operating system provides both directional and full phase operation via sensored controls.


  • Small footprint
  • Easy-to-use wireless Galaxy DAD Controller
  • Easy to move and swivel – even on gravel!
  • Modular mast with universal mount
  • Galvanized frame/components
  • Adjustable push/pull handle
  • Can tilt and push like a two-wheel cart
  • Easy load/transport design
  • Self-contained battery power
  • Optional solar recharging


JTI can configure a Sentinel system to fit your specific needs. Find out how this interchangeable portable traffic signal system can expand your fleet by offering the ultimate modularity.