REACT 350®


The SEVERE USE, Self-Restoring Crash Cushion

humb-reactThe REACT 350 is the industry’s most durable crash cushion for SEVERE USE sites with high impact frequency. A variety of compact units are available that meet NCHRP 350 TL-1, TL-2 and TL-3 as a redirective, non-gating attenuator. Narrow units protect hazards up to 48” wide. Wide units are also available to protect hazards up to 10’ wide.

Self-Restoring and Reusable After Impacts

The REACT 350 self-restores after impacts, keeping the hazard protected and providing Uninterrupted Hazard Protection™. It is up to 100% reusable after design impacts and typically requires minimal repairs, if any. The system often endures repeated impacts and remains in service without the need for repairs – including common nuisance hits and bumps.

REACT 350 Benefits

• Self-restoring – provides Uninterrupted Hazard Protection for motorists
• Virtually eliminates crash cushion repair costs
• Minimizes the “emergency response” required to make repairs after impacts
• Helps reduce liability of unprotected hazards after impacts
• Reduces the need to place workers in harm’s way to make repairs
• Superior day and night time visibility helps prevent accidents

React350 Self-Restoring Crash Cushion from JTI Traffic on Vimeo.


High Visibility Day And Night

The REACT 350 helps prevent accidents due to its high visibility and excellent night time guidance characteristics. It has a large surface area for reflective material that enables multiple chevron reflectors to provide superior visibility for motorists.



The severe use, self-restoring REACT 350 crash cushions are available for rent from JTI. The affordable rental rate includes delivery, pickup and 24/7 expert support. It doesn’t get any easier!

Illinois Pay Item Numbers
Impact Attenuator – Temporary, Fully-Redirective (FRD), Severe Use, Narrow, TL-2
IDOT Pay Item #: 70600750

Impact Attenuator – Temporary, Fully-Redirective (FRD), Severe Use, Narrow, TL-3
IDOT Pay Item #: 70600280
Impact Attenuator – Temporary, Fully-Redirective (FRD), Narrow, TL-2
IDOT Pay Item #: 70600255
Impact Attenuator – Temporary, Fully-Redirective (FRD), Narrow, TL-3
IDOT Pay Item #: 706000260